Hello everyone! The goal of our ICO is to create and launch an innovative booking platform - Your Price Booking. At its core we lay such a principle. The user indicates: a city or region, up to the choice of location radius on the map, selects options, duration of stay and the amount of money that he is willing to spend. Further, hoteliers who are registered at ypbooking.com receive this application and give suggestions for rooms, apartments, rooms, houses, in general, everything where you can live, even the attic and indicate their price. The user selects among the proposals received in response and makes a payment.


Tokens purchased: 590     

YPI Token cost:

We sell the first 100,000 YPI tokens at a price of 0.0001 ETH

we sell the second 200,000 YPI tokens at a price of 0.0005 ETH

we sell the third 300,000 YPI tokens at a price of 0.0025 ETH

the fourth 100,000 YPI tokens we sell at a price of 0.01 ETH

The TEAM retains 300,000 YPI tokens.

The total number of YPI tokens = 1,000,000. Smart contract 0x9e2AAA62d69E49F6767996C07c240A15495aCE91 and git hub https://github.com/Maestro12345678/YPI-token

Start of sales - 23.08.2019 00:01 UTC

You will receive YPI tokens immediately after sending Ether to a smart contract.

Minimum purchase 0.05 ETH

Maximum purchase 5 ETH

Comparison with main competitors

Commision paid by the user to the service0%12%2%-3% + payment system tariff (when pay by card)
Commision paid by the hotelier to the service0%3%15%-18%
Fines and penalties before the service for breach of contract-++
When a hotelier receives the money from a sale through a serviceright awayin 1-7 days after scheduled time guest arrival No later than the 15 days of the month following the one in which the guest left.Receipt of payment to your account make take several days , depending on your bank.
if the hotel has all rooms occupied, it is necessary to notify the service-++
Payment of deposit in advance in favor of the service-++
if the guest cansels the reservation,the hotelier must inform the service, and in case of no notification, bear the financial costs before the service-++
Can a hotelier use the name of a service in its own contextual advertising+--
Availability of booking history at the client+--
The ability to pay with cryptocurrency+--

What problems do we solve:

  • the high cost of travel, we remove intermediaries and a lot of commissions; deception by intermediaries.
  • Travel agencies often go bankrupt, and vouchers have already be en sold, money does not reach hotels;
  • Hotels cannot sell the "sleeping resource". The percentage of rooms that, according to statistics, is always free, hoteliers will be able to sell cheaper, I do not advertise an understatement.
  • Tokenomics

    YPI token it is utility token on the blockchain Ethereum standart ERC - 20. After the launch of the Your Price Booking platform, we sell the listing on it to all interested hoteliers. Payment for hoteliers for accommodation will be in the form of an annual subscription. Prices from 100 to 300 euros per year, depending on how many rooms, beds in hostels, houses or attics he will add.

    But we only accept YPI tokens as payment, but at the current rate at the time of payment. For the convenience of hoteliers, it will be possible to make a monthly payment through an exchanger - by paying with a visa, mastercard or other common payment systems. The exchanger for 100 - 300 euros will redeem tokens either from the smart contract of our ICO and subsequently from the exchange or exchanges. We use the deflation principle to quickly increase the price of tokens.

    The first year of the platform's operation, we will burn 100% of the received YPI tokens.

    The second year of the platform's operation, we will burn 50% of the received YPI tokens.

    The third year of the platform's operation, we will burn 20% of the received YPI tokens.

    And then all my life for 10%.

    After the completion of the ICO, this domain will be used for the statistics site for YPI tokens, their number, price on exchanges, and the number of burned.


      1. After the sale of 300,000 YPI tokens - the launch of the ypbooking platform and the recruitment of managers for the sale of listings of tourist objects on YPbooking around the world, for more details see the vacancy section.
      2. After the sale of all 600,000 YPI tokens - the launch of the YPI token trading on this site in the YPI / TUSD pair.
      3. In 2 months after the completion of paragraph 2 of the roadmap - listing the YPI token on the second ten exchange on the CoinMakcetCap rating.


    Slava Nikitenko CEO and Founder


    Advisor Nikolay Kabirov



      1. We need a HR manager. Knowledge of English and work experience is required. Tasks: Search and selection of YPbooking listing sales managers worldwide. Salary from 2000 dollars a month. Write and send resumes directly to CEO by telegram @Henrih_Kwinto
      2. YPbooking listing services sales managers in all cities of the world with a population of more than 200,000 people. To begin with, 1 city - 1 manager. Salary - 30% of sales.
      3. Country sales team coordinators. 1 country - 1 manager. Salary - 30% of personal sales + 10% of team sales.
      4. The main manager, coordinator of the planet Earth. Salary - 5% of team sales.

    Contact us in the telegram bot http://t.me/HR_bestBOT


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    Telegram chat ENG https://t.me/TravelveeEng

    Telegram chat RU https://t.me/TravelveeRu

    TWITTER https://twitter.com/TRAVELVEE1

    E mail: team@ypitoken.com